The Diet for Health Weight Loss Program with Amy

The Diet for Health Weight Loss Program includes a personalized menu designed for your metabolism, goals and preferences, followed by six weeks of frequent check-ins with a friendly expert weight coach for accountability, fine-tuning and cementing of good habits.

Our program is built around these Weight Loss Truths:

  • Knowing how to lose weight is the easy part...Doing it is the hard part!
  • Anything you do temporarily only gives you results temporarily, so lifestyle change is key.
  • Will power is unreliable, so we need to avoid depending on it.
  • We need to change your biology--taste buds, appetite and cravings--so that you genuinely prefer healthy foods.
  • You have a completely unique set of challenges, strengths, needs, goals and priorities to accommodate. Some trial and error may be necessary to find the best solutions.
  • You will inevitably have slip-ups, but we can learn from them for future success.
  • Accountability makes all the difference.

How the Program Works

Step 1: Start Up

Your start-up appointment will take place with Amy and will last about one hour. This is where we'll measure your metabolism and get to know you--your goals, preferences, history, activity level, lifestyle, and anything else that you think will help us get you great results. Do you have a killer sweet tooth? Do you travel all the time? Whatever your situation, we want to hear about it because we probably have solutions.

We'll use this information to get you started on a program that we will continue to refine over the course of your time with us, based on your results and preferences.

You'll leave this appointment with:

  • a printout of your metabolism results, along with body composition, hydration level, pounds of body fat and lean tissue, and several other indices of health and fitness
  • A binder full of menus, grocery lists, tips and instructions tailored just for you

Step 2: Transition Days

For two days, we have you follow a special menu that helps get your body ready for great results. It helps to balance your blood sugar, flush out bloating, lower your appetite and calm any cravings, making the rest of the weight loss process easier.

Step 3: Reducing Program

On this part of the program, most clients lose about 2 pounds per week. During this phase, you'll follow a menu that minimizes hunger, maximizes your metabolism and which fits with your true lifestyle. For example, if you don't cook, we won't ask you to. If you spend your days running around like a headless chicken, we'll accommodate you.

During this phase, you'll meet with a Nutrition Counselor 1-3 times per week, so that we can hold you accountable, keep you motivated, teach you great tricks and strategies, review your food journal and fine-tune your program. This is where you tell us what isn't working for you and we'll provide solutions. This can mean recipes, solutions for cravings or emotional eating, motivation, or tips on sports nutrition. We're here to "hold your hand" through this process, until living your healthy lifestyle feels nearly effortless.

Weekly Check-ins:

Check-ins often take only 5-15 minutes, as we'll review your weight, food journal, progress toward specific goals, we'll answer your questions, address problems and make sure you have a game plan for the coming days. Check-ins sometimes take longer if you have more questions, problems, or when you are struggling with difficult challenges. We take as long as it takes to get you on track and ready to succeed.

Check-ins can be done in person, by phone or online. We'll make a schedule that works for you.

Step 4: Progress Report

After every six weeks, we re-test your metabolism and body composition so that we can see your exact change in pounds of fat and body composition. Also, most clients choose to have their body measurements taken so that they can see how much of them has been whittled away! Based on your results, we may recommend changes to your diet or exercise program to maximize metabolism, increase muscle, etc. It will then be time for you to decide whether you would like to continue with additional weeks of the program or, if you have reached your goal, do our optional (but highly suggested!) maintenance program.

Step 5: Optional Maintenance Program

This low-cost program provides just enough continuing accountability to "protect your investment"---all that time and effort you put into adopting new habits. In this phase, you no longer keep a food journal or take our B-complex supplements and you need only briefly check in every 1-2 weeks. You choose a set of habits and a 5-pound weight range that you are happy with and then check in each week to show us you are maintaining. If everything is going well, we give you the thumbs-up. If you are struggling or slipping, we get you back on track with strategies, goals, supplements, a food journal or whatever the situation requires. If you are struggling or backsliding, you may do additional weeks of the reducing program without paying a re-start fee (although the weekly fee still applies).

Step 6: The Ever-After

Many of our clients choose to do Maintenance long-term, liking the accountability. Also, many of our clients come back every few years for another round of reducing, after vacations, birthdays, illness, or when life has put some pounds back on. Please come back anytime..the true success stories do!


Start-Up Week

Customized to your metabolism, goals, activity level, age, gender, schedule, or special circumstances.

$195 (or Restart $125)

6 Week Program

Includes ongoing nutrition fine-tuning, problem-solving, support, supplements and metabolism & body composition analysis as needed.

$350 (or $65/week)

Optional Maintenance Program

One quarter year of weekly check-ins with ELG, one extended strategy session, one extended troubleshooting sesion, and option to restart program without restart fees.


Doing it together is even better! Groups of 2-4 starting up together receive a $50 discount per person off the Start-Up price.