The Diet for Health Weight Loss Program with Amy

The Diet for Health Weight Loss Program includes a personalized menu designed for your metabolism, goals and preferences, followed by six weeks of frequent check-ins with a friendly expert weight coach for accountability, fine-tuning and cementing of good habits.

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Consultations with Jill

Jill's mission is to be that top expert who deeply cares and engages like you are family. Every single client gets very personalized, thoughtful, unhurried support.

All consultations focus on identifying what works best for your body, brain and lifestyle. We start with the latest scientific research findings, and then often incorporate strategic self-experiments so that you can identify what works for YOUR best health and happiness. We then use principles of behavioral science to cement your solutions into automatic that they can feel easy and maintainable forever. Whatever mix of education, inspiration and accountability you need is what you'll get.

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