About Us

Since 2001, Jill and her team of dedicated experts have enjoyed helping thousands of people work smart to achieve their personal best. We have thrived because so many of our clients return time and again, often bringing their spouses, friends and children. Our proudest achievement is the trust we have earned. We love our clients and think of them like family!

We offer phone consultations with Jill, and in-office programs and metabolism analysis with Amy.

This is not a cookie-cutter service. We design your individual plan based on your unique needs and goals, to maximize your joy in life. Our one-time consultations give you the best evidence-based information for achieving your goals with the least struggle. Our ongoing programs involve connecting 3-6 days per week, to optimize each day as it comes. Yes, that's frequent...but it works!

We'd love to help you use smart nutrition to achieve whatever definition you choose for "your personal best."

Jill Brook

Jill Brook, M.A. Nutritionist

Since 2001, Jill has been Nutritionist at Diet for Health in Southern California, making customized menus and troubleshooting stubborn bodies. Jill earned her Bachelor's Degree from Princeton University and her Master's Degree from UCLA, after which she worked as a weight loss and nutrition researcher at the Pritikin Longevity Center and UCLA. She currently works remotely with clients across the globe and for physicians from Alaska to Florida and New York to Los Angeles. Jill serves as Nutrition Consultant to Dysautonomia Clinic, Research Advisor to the LDN Research Trust, and Research Liaison for Standing Up to POTS.

Jill is exceedingly practical and understands that you are juggling your health, family, career, and so much more. She takes the “start where you are at” approach, helping each client find the unique lifestyle that works for them. She loves using the latest research to get her clients great results as painlessly and permanently as possible.

In addition to seeing clients, Jill has consulted for a variety of organizations, including Caltech, Disney, many schools, and several food companies. Jill has authored three nutrition books, designed many free health-promoting mobile apps, and has made multiple appearances as an expert on NBC's Today Show, Good Morning America, Celebrity Fit Club, and others. She has co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and given presentations about nutrition for gut health at medical conferences.

Jill has also trained teams of nutritionists and weight loss counselors from Southern California to Mumbai, India, in the methods of evidence-based wellness coaching, such as smart goal-setting and motivational interviewing. These approaches are proven to help make clients more successful and enthusiastic about adopting healthier habits. This approach fits with Jill's belief that educating clients on what they should eat is relatively pointless without empowering them to successfully do it.

Jill begins by listening very closely, to thoroughly understand each person's unique goals and needs.

Above all, Jill is warm, understanding and cares very deeply about each client. She has "been there" with health and weight problems and willpower battles, and knows how overcoming these things can boost one's quality of life. She is passionate about helping you find your unique best lifestyle that makes you feel great, without burden or struggle.

As an autoimmune patient herself, Jill is very involved with nutrition for the autoimmune/dysautonomia/POTS community. You can read more here.

Amy Gist

Amy Gist Nutrition Counselor

Amy was a loyal client for 6 years before coming to work for us in 2010...and she still has 300+ food journals to prove it! Clients often comment that they appreciate how much "Amy Gets It." Amy truly understands the variety and depth of mental and physical struggles that can accompany beating old habits. Among Amy's own challenges were being a fashion model in the "Twiggy" era (yes, she's older than she looks!) and then working as a pastry chef at 5-star restaurants. Amy is always ready to listen closely and then offer information, inspiration, accountability, or support, and always with her famously positive energy and wry sense of humor.